AXS2LMS is an easy to use Learning Management Software for keeping track on your employees trainings.

AXS2LMS can be installed on your own servers and you can create a private cloud solution. It can also be offered as SaaS solution, where you have your private environment but as a full cloud solution where you don’t have to worry about maintaining your servers.

All critical updates are launched immediately and new features are launched through the entire year.

Support can be received through email or by phone.
Partners are your single line of support. If they need more extensive support, they can get in touch with the developers of AXS2LMS.

Local support is optional. Therefor you can request a local support offer.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a monthly subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

On-premises software is installed and runs on computers or servers of the organisation.

AXS2LMS has a wide range of partners located on different locations. Please send us an email and we are very happy to guide you to the nearest partner.

Yes, you can create content within AXS2LMS. Although we advise people to create content with use of content development solutions such as iSpring. You can easily upload content within the SCORM standards which is created externally.

SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications for e-Learning.┬áIt defines communications between client side content and a host system (called “the run-time environment”) LMS. SCORM also defines how content may be packaged into a transferable ZIP file.

AXS2LMS can be used in a wide range of industries that need to offer some sort of training. These include but are not restricted to: Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Public sector, Non-profit, Law, Finance and accounting, Real Estate, Health care and many more.

You can create your own certificate after a student completed a course. Certificates can including a certain period of validity or can only be obtained if a student passes with a certain score.

Gamification can be used and defined by yourself. This is included within AXS2LMS.

Yes, you can use your own domain.

Technical information

Get in touch with our support department or a local partner.

Commercial information

Get in touch with our sales department or a local partner for more information or a demonstration