About Us


AXS2LMS is a product of AXS2COM.

AXS2COM is an organization located in the Pyrenees and specialized in development of software solutions for

  • AXS2CALL VoIP hosted PBX solutions and SIP trunking;
  • AXS2FINANCE financial administrations and bookkeeping software;
  • AXS2LMS eLearning Management Software;
  • AXS2LOGISTICS logistic Warehouse and Transport management software (WMS and TMS);

AXS2COM’s first solutions where originally developed in 1982.
Nowadays we have a partner network for local distribution of the software and support.
Interested in becoming partner of AXS2COM of one of its products? Please email to partner [at] axs2com [dot] ad or have a look at the website

“A powerful LMS designed for any type of industry, starting from small to large enterprise.”

“AXS2LMS is designed for an easy an effective setup”

“Local support by partners “